LML Electric is an iconic automobile brand based in Kanpur, they create vehicles that define style and effortless commuting for users around the globe.

LML at AutoExpo Jan 2023
What We Did?

We unveiled LML's EV lineup launch, introducing them to the market in the Auto Expo 2023. LML's philosophy & product comes with features that are challenging for the marketing team to showcase. Especially during events. We made it simpler with 3D technology & put down their offering seamlessly.

How are they benefiting?

The 3D virtual experience, featuring an immersive 360-degree view and animated feature explanations, significantly elevated customer engagement. It allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the bike's features, thereby aiding informed decision-making for potential buyers. This also provided LML with qualitative data for product refinement before the official release. Check out their website - https://www.lmlemotion.com/