CARS24 is a leading AutoTech company streamlining and revolutionising the sale, purchase, and financing of pre-owned cars in India, Australia, Thailand, and UAE.

Why Cars24 is one of the top players in the pre-owned cars industry?
What We Did?

We upgraded their car gallery to provide an immersive experience with a 360-degree view from both the inside and outside of the cars. With this new feature, users will be able to have a truly immersive experience as they navigate through the gallery, getting a detailed understanding of each car's design, features, and aesthetics. This upgrade aims to provide users with a more interactive and realistic feel, letting them make informed decisions based on a thorough examination of the cars showcased in the gallery.

How are they benefiting?

When buying a second-hand car, it is important for the buyer to like the car at first sight, as the appearance plays a significant role in establishing trust and allowing them to thoroughly inspect the car from every angle contributes to 90% of the sale, eliminating any doubts or concerns. Check out their website -